Quantum Montessori School

Exceptional Education Focused on a Child’s Wellbeing

Solutions for Parents

As a parent, is it difficult to find learning options that challenge your child and support them as they begin their educational journey? Maybe your child needs supplemental instruction in a certain subject, and you are struggling to find a good fit. That’s where we come in. Get started working with us today!

Empowering Educators

Do you have a passion for teaching? What if you could turn your daycare into a learning center? If you are a business that already facilitates childcare, this could be an evolution of your current business model. Our goal is to help those that have a passion for teaching and children to mold the young leaders of tomorrow through advanced educational support services that they do not currently have.

Collaborating with Businesses

What if every employee could be focused at work while their children were receiving supplemental instruction at home?

Educational Support Services

It is no secret that every child learns differently. Instead of trying a one-program-fits-all model, we offer a variety of services to encourage learning. The Institution of Learning offers your employees the ability to have their childcare and learning all in one place. The money that they are spending each month on childcare could serve a dual purpose in supporting their child’s education.

We stand apart from other education companies because our focus is on cost-effective solutions that allow any family or business looking to work with us to do so without extreme qualifications. Individualized attention to learning gives a child the ability to get one-on-one time with instructors that they may be missing in a traditional setting.

Easy to Find Supplemental Instruction

We want to make it easy for you to work with us. Simply book a slot to schedule a call and we can help talk you through the different options for educational enhancement. Convenience is a great benefit of working with us. We understand you may be running a business, managing employees, or running a household, and your time is of high value to us. We would like to give you some of that time back through our variety of programs.

Start Working With Us Today!