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The Most Common Questions

Our main office is located in Chicago, Illinois.  Quantum Montessori School serves children across all US states through the our Micro School, Learning Pods, Nanny Educator and Distance Learning programs.

Quantum Montessori School accepts children from early childhood up until their senior year in high school.

We are parent owned, so we know how time consuming meal prep can be so, Quantum Montessori School includes organic snacks and lunches in the cost of tuition to assist in providing students with the fuel they need to succeed and parents with healthy time saving alternatives. During the school year, students will receive meals and natural spring water delivered to their homes. Our new recycling program will kick off this Fall! Earn tuition credit for the bottles your recycle! Parents can always opt to prepare and provide healthy meals for their students, please let us know.

To foster unity among the students in our in-person programs and build a cohesive community, students must wear the school uniform polo or uniform t-shirt. A new uniform t-shirt will accompany your first materials box, and will be replaced every year at no extra charge. We sell additional uniform polos and t-shirts in our school shop. T-shirts and polos are 100% GOTS Certified organic or eco-friendly.  

Quantum Montessori School will provide materials to every student we serve. For international students, we can arrange appropriate shipping. The cost of shipping will apply.

Yes, we provide the learning materials your child needs to be successful in our programs.

Quantum Montessori School participates in school-wide standardized tests for students in 2nd – 12th grades. Unless required by law, we will not make this information available to any outside sources. Instead, we use the results to hold our programs to the highest standards.   

Our team is available Monday – Friday from 8:00AM – 6:00PM central time. 

For more than one hundred years, the student-centered Montessori method invented by Italian physician Dr. Maria Montessori has transformed schools around the world. Montessori teaches children and adolescents rigorous, self-motivated growth in all aspects of their development, including cognitive, emotional, social, and physical. There are many intuitive aspects to Montessori theory and it is quite simple to understand. As a result, it is based heavily on things like neuroscience, which takes into account the natural steps in human development.

From the moment you walk into a Montessori classroom, you feel that there is something different about it. You will see children studying or learning independently, in groups, or with materials designed specifically for their age group. It is a neat, warm, open, and welcoming environment that encourages children to deeply engage in their courses and take into account the environment and themselves at the same time. 

The critical distinction between a Montessori classroom and a conventional classroom is the way learning is introduced to the children. Children engage with the learning materials and study without the direct interaction of an educator unless support is needed. With this structure, everyone is free to pursue their interests in a non-hurried environment, and the educator is free to observe and guide the children as needed.

Our Montessori programs incorporate critical thinking-based character education plays a vital part in our mission to assist students with developing self-regulation. The goal of critical thinking-based character education is to help students develop their full potential by using critical thinking. By interacting positively with others, building reasoning and thinking skills, and understanding deeper concepts, students are able to constructively respond to life situations. Our Montessori curriculum incorporates thirty-six character traits throughout the school year.  They are as follows: 

1. Accountability
2. Bravery
3. Care
4. Collaboration
5. Commitment
6. Compassion
7. Creativity
8. Dedication
9. Determination
10. Discipline
11. Encouragement
12. Empathy
13. Enthusiasm
14. Ethicality
15. Fairness
16. Faithfulness
17. Friendliness
18. Generosity
19. Genuineness
20. Gratitude
21. Hard Work
22. Honesty
23. Honorableness
24. Integrity
25. Intentionality
26. Joy
27. Kindness
28. Love
29. Perseverance
30. Politeness
31. Productivity
32. Responsibility
33. Serving others
34. Sincerity
35. Trustworthiness
36. Willingness

Montessori isn’t just for the classroom. You can easily bring its principles into your home—and doing so can be an invaluable bridge to reinforcing what your child learns at school. Learn how here:


As a Montessori school, we meet the child where they are academically. First, educators assess what each child knows regardless of grade level. Then, educators identify the skills they are ready to learn and give them lessons specifically for them. This results in small group or individual lessons. Each child is on their own learning path. Children who are advanced are learning skills and standards that they are ready to learn.

Students learn best when they feel safe, both physically and emotionally. We must ensure that every student feels welcomed, supported, and respected in school by both peers and adults. Teaching young people strategies for coping with conflict, peer pressure, and other life stressors can reduce risky behavior and engage them in school. To achieve this goal, Quantum Montessori School will work with parents and guardians to find positive solutions to assist our children succeed. Find out more about our Polices and Practices here.

Quantum Montessori School Educators

Quantum Montessori School’s educators are professionals and experts in their fields. Dedicated to fulfilling our mission, values, and commitment, they are leaders with a purpose.

Recruiting passionate guides and instructors is one of Quantum Montessori School’s priorities. All teachers must have verifiable credentials, certifications, licenses, and/or degrees. Our pod program is the only exception, where parents may become certified Montessori guides and launch their own pod. Our educators make sure that your children receive the best learning experience, which aligns directly with our curriculum, mission, values, and goals.  

We conduct a national background check on all educators, faculty, and staff at Quantum Montessori School. Our team also conducts educational background checks, past employment checks, driving record checks, and drug tests (for in-person learning) to ensure that all educators are qualified to work with children.

If you want to start a learning pod, you don’t have to meet the same qualifications as our educators. This is unless you plan to monetize it by enrolling children outside your circle of friends and family. Quantum Montessori Learning pods are an excellent option for families seeking to homeschool their children. We provide two pod options for families to choose from:
1. Our parents have the option of becoming Montessori certified by attending a Montessori program of their choice and operating a Learning pod in their own home. These parents can then earn a full or part-time salary and benefits while homeschooling their children. We will require a basic background check for our parent-educators.
2. One of our certified Montessori teachers or STEAM instructor can manage your pod. You can be involved in your child’s education but not directly involved in the education process if you choose this option.
Contact us to learn more or check out our careers pages.

Quantum Montessori Microschools

Microschools are created through collaboration between the Quantum Montessori School and educators wanting to start their own school. Quantum Microschools are either run inside or outside of your home and follow the Quantum Montessori curriculum.  Microschool locations can become accredited depending upon the number of enrolled students. 

Fill out our contact form to arrange a time to meet with someone from our enrollment team to discuss your options and how we can best serve your child. Get started by contacting us today!

We require a one semester commitment, but recommend a full year commitment with your learning community. This gives students the opportunity to take part in their new class and experience all that Quantum Montessori has to offer.

There are three learning options at Quantum Montessori School: full-time, part-time and enrichment-only. We offer mini-mester and semester courses.

Tuition depends on the location of your Microschool and the grade level of the students. To find out more, contact us.  

Quantum Microschools can be formed in any US state with a certified teacher to lead the way!

A Quantum Microschool is operated by educators who no longer wish to work in a traditional school environment. Our friendly educators have years of experience and are ready to ensure that your child gets the personal attention they need.  Each microschool location is different to meet the individualized need of the children.

Quantum Montessori Learning Pods

You can form your own learning pod with family, friends, neighbors, or coworkers. For both part-time and full-time public school replacement, Quantum Montessori guides provide quality learning experiences at your location. At home learning just got better!

Parents can choose between our Montessori guides or to become part of our community of parent-educators by starting their own learning pod.


In our founding members’ minds, being able to earn a living while raising children was a priority. They were able to solve their children’s needs, while also contributing to their community, by starting a school. A small school program was developed, knowledge was gained, wisdom was used, and a new journey was begun. This journey has been amazing for us and will be amazing for you as well! Tuition reimbursement is available for those interested in obtaining Montessori credentials. To learn more, contact us.

Tuition is based upon the number of students and regional location of your pod.  Contact us to learn more.

Schedule a time to meet with a member of our enrollment team to discuss how we can best serve your learner.

If you do not have pod mates in mind, Quantum Montessori will help you connect with other families in your area who are interested in forming a Learning pod.  

There are three learning options at Quantum Montessori School: full-time, part-time and enrichment-only. We offer mini-mester and semester courses.

All of your pod’s insurance needs are handled by us. We also handle all the legalities. We aim to make the process as stress-free as possible for both our educators and our families.

We require a one semester commitment but recommend a full year with your learning community to give learners the opportunity to connect with their pod and fully experience what a Quantum Montessori Learning Pod has to offer.

Bright Abilities Nanny Educators

Nanny Educators typically provide care  at the parents’ home or in a location of their choice. Nannies deliver our Early Learning Montessori curriculum and assist in establishing the Montessori learning environment. In addition to completing chores, preparing meals, and planning day trips, they are also responsible for a number of other tasks. Children receive superior childcare from our trained nannies. Typically, BA Nanny Educators hold a degree in early childhood education or a related teaching degree, have knowledge about child nutrition, are fluent in foreign languages, and have specialized skills, such as sign language. You can rely on our nannies and mannies (male nannies) to provide a holistic and nurturing learning environment for your child. 

Quantum Montessori School will provide you with a selection of two to four nanny educator profiles for you to review and interview. Our team of family support professionals is available to guide and answer any questions you might have along the way.  

Our nannies will become are a connected part of your family.  In addition to their regular activities, they can do more around the house, including  laundry and driving children to activities like karate or ballet. Your individual needs will be discussed with our admissions team to ensure that our nanny educators meet your needs.

Our nannies will become are a connected part of your family.  In addition to their regular activities, they can do more around the house, including  laundry and driving children to activities like karate or ballet. Your individual needs will be discussed with our admissions team to ensure that our nanny educators meet your needs.

In the event you don’t mesh with your nanny, please contact parent support, and we will help you select another nanny.

Quantum Montessori Distance Learning

Quantum Montessori Schools distance learning educators provide a combination of live synchronous time, observed asynchronous time, small group experiences and hands-on offline learning for a full day of learning or full school replacement.  Classes are Monday – Friday 9AM – 4PM in your time zone.

Early Childhood

Children 5-6 years old

Kindergarten |  $1000.00 per month

Lower Elementary

Children  6 – 9 years old

Lower Elementary |  $1350.00 per month

Upper Elementary

Children  9 – 12 years old

Upper Elementary | $1350.00 per month

Middle School

Children  12 – 14 years old

Middle School | $1350.00 per month

We require a program deposit equal to one month’s tuition for each student enrolling in our program. Once you have given 30 days notice of your intention to transfer out, the deposit will be applied toward your final tuition payment. All deposits are nonrefundable.  For more information, visit our admissions page, learn about our Income Based Tuition program or email us at to find out more.

It may be necessary for the parents and guardians of Early Learning and Early Childhood students to participate in classes with them until they feel comfortable taking the classes on their own.

For now, we offer classes in the US-Eastern, US-Central, US-Mountain, US- Pacific time zones. Don’t see in your zone? Contact us.

Our learning platform is Microsoft 365 Education.

Yes, your child will have access to his/her team of Montessori guides, support team and instructors during the school day. Your child will not be allowed in virtual environments without the presence of Quantum Montessori educator or staff.

Certainly. There is a lot of information, including video trainings and content that will walk you through logging in and many other processes. It’s simple! We’ve got you covered!

The First "S" in SMILES: Spirituality

Quantum provides a non-secular values-based education that incorporates Montessori-based teachings, study of the Human Design, daily meditation, yoga and mindfulness practices.  We believe faith is a private matter for students and their families. We encourage each student to develop a personal relationship and commitment to their own beliefs.  It is our policy not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, national origin, citizenship, marital status, or economic status.

Faith based teachings can be incorporated into our already customized and individualized curriculum for families who wish to provide their children with a fatih-incorporated education.

Mindfulness at Quantum Montessori includes the daily practice of techniques that allow your child to stay grounded and relaxed to reduce stress. In the learning environment mindfulness gives us another way to ensure that students are in a great headspace and ready to learn. 

Our goal is to provide students with a safe and supportive environment where they will learn more about themselves, develop emotional intelligence, and gain a deeper understanding of themselves and others. The more emotionally intelligent their children are, the more likely they are to be able to make sound decisions as adults. It’s our goal to prepare your child for success. 

Yoga is no more of a distraction than gym class, in our opinion.  Although we love gym class, yoga is another surefire way for students to release excess energy in a quiet and peaceful way.

Education takes center stage in  early learning programs and preschools; however, unlike early learning programs, preschool class sizes are often large, and educators take on a one-size-fits-all approach, which disregards the needs of the children. We integrate the most innovative theories and practices of development into our curriculum. Educators at Quantum Montessori School prioritize accommodating the individual needs of students.

Our online educators provide a combination of pre-recorded guidance time lessons, exploration guidance during live synchronous time, support during asynchronous time and small group experiences with their new friends.

Quantum Montessori Schools curriculum is designed to be hands-on and self-contained within our program so you don’t have to supplement with additional curriculum. For your child to see results and to be successful throughout our programs, parents and/or guardians are advised to assist children during their asynchronous work schedule at home. Guides are available to answer questions and to provide added support.

Early Learning parents and guardians are required to participate in classes with their infant and toddlers. Our Micro Schools, Learning Pod and Nanny Educator programs are better suited for parents who require a more “hands off” approach but would like to remain “in charge” of their children’s education.

Absolutely! We are not a daycare or preschool. Our educators, faculty, and staff are expected to possess degrees or many years of experience in their respective fields. Our early learning educators are no exception. In addition, we require our modern Montessori educators to possess or acquire Montessori certifications from an accredited AMS or AMI institution. Your children are in excellent hands with Quantum Montessori School.

Quantum Montessori’s video subscription service, Quantum Learning Time, features videos recorded by our educators and delivered straight to your inbox. You will find an easy-to-follow lesson plan and a materials list for each 30-minute video. Our educators are also available to answer questions along the way. Quantum Montessori’s Learning Time subscription is recommended for children ages 3 to 5.  

Students will complete asynchronous work, small group synchronous groups, and individual 1:1 synchronous time with their guide.  Students will work on their reading and writing skills on an individual level as well as collaborative.  Young learners will work in guided reading sessions while older learners will elevate their skills to writing chapter books. Learners will enjoy living and learning in this creative space.

Students will meet with their guide 1 day per week for 45 minutes.  Guides provide individualized tutoring and/or learning supports in a 1:1 format to ensure that learners are mastering the work. Learners also meet with their collaborative groups 1 day per week.  Learners are required to spend 30 minutes daily working on asynchronous works to discuss during 1:1 and collaborative time.

Our school founder began the literacy program to support her own children Kaden, Chloe and Kameron Stevens thus the name KCKS.

STEAM is the method of learning, instruction and guidance that blends Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, Mathematics as paths to lead student analysis, conversations, and critical thinking.

Quantum Montessori School strives for wisdom and knowledge for children without misinformation or half-truths. Our classes emphasize real-life events of history instead of what is traditionally taught in public schools. We only select educators in our STEAM program who are experts in their fields and consider themselves lifelong learners. We want to empower all people through education so everyone has a chance at a fair and equitable life.

Our STEAM Enrichment program is available the entire school year as 1-3 hour class (depending on age and topic). Students can enroll in 1 or multiple classes for a  full-time experience. 


Our STEAM Summer Camp program is offered during the summer months only as a full-time or part-time solution.

Our Quantum Montessori STEAM program is available online through our distance learning program, in-person through a Learning Pod or through one of our educators Microschools.

In addition to Art and Literature, students can also choose from subjects such as Botany, Space, Biology, Engineering, Architecture, Healthy & Organic Cooking, Baking & Decorating, and more! When it comes to learning, the sky is the limit.   

Enrichment classes are offered in 8-week minimesters. Minimesters allow us to offer a range of classes without sacrificing quality or student mastery. Each class runs from 1 to 3 hours long depending on the age and class offered.

We are here to empower you to educate your child. You will have email only access to our Montessori Guides for questions and may join our growing parent-educator community for added supports.

Yes, you can search for lessons or find them on social boards but our lesson plans and materials are designed with YOUR child in mind. You will receive our amazing customized program ready for YOU to deliver to your children in a way that doesn’t leave you asking questions or wondering if you’re doing the right thing.  KNOW that your child is on the right track with Quantum Montessori School regardless of your choice of enrollment. This you won’t find anywhere else.

Maybe. If you have 2 children in Early Childhood and 1 child in Elementary 1, you will have to enroll in 2 home school programs (HOME-EC & HOME-E1). If all 3 children are in Early Childhood, you will only be asked to enroll in 1 home school program (HOME-EC).

School Training & Safety

Safety is a top priority.  Students enrolled in any of our in-person programs are required to wear school uniform shirts and daily attendance is required at check-in and check-out via our in-house secured database.  Educators are required to acquire defensive training and emergency preparedness through our in-house training program in an effort to ensure that everyone is prepared in the toughest of situations.  In-person guides and instructors are provided CPR/AED/First Aid training and certification through our internal Red Cross AP Program.

We do not advocate for or against the COVID-19 vaccination (or any vaccination).  We believe that individual families should make the decision.  We will work with families who choose in-person learning to create pods and home learning environments that are safe and in alignment with all local laws and regulations.

Generally, yes. We will be able to continue operating even if public and private schools are required to shut down because of our small student ratios. If we are required to shut down or a parent decides to shut down we will completely switch to our distance learning program until in-person learning can safely resume.

We have teamed with Microsoft 365 EDU and Azure to offer a secure and safe classroom experience for our students.  We encourage families to use parental settings and a service such as Norton (no affiliation) to secure children outside of our platforms and programs. 


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