Quantum Montessori

Income Based Tuition Assistance

1. What is Income Based Tuition Assistance (IBT)?

Private school income based tuition assistance is an agreement between Quantum Montessori and selected, qualifying families to be offered a tuition rate that is more in-line with their household income. 

2. How does a family qualify for IBT?

To qualify for the income based tuition assistance program, families meet the financial guidelines outlined in the household income chart. Families applying for income-based tuition will also need to demonstrate a sincere commitment to and commit to participating in their online and/or local Quantum Montessori Community. Families must attend 2-3 Quantum events and volunteer for 1 local and/or online charity event per calendar school year. Current Quantum families are eligible to apply.

3. Can current Quantum families apply?

Yes, current families may apply. However, current Quantum families must meet all additional requirements of the program.

4. How does a family apply for the IBT program?

To apply for the reduced tuition rate, families must first complete the normal admissions process. Once enrolled, the family can begin the additional application components to apply for IBT. This will include a $40 processing fee, as well as submission of financial information for verification by our admissions team. It also includes providing a written statement about why you chose Quantum and how you would like to contribute to our school community.

5. How is a family’s household size determined?

Household size is the total number of people who reside in the student’s primary residence as well as those who are financially responsible for the student.

6. Can I use the sibling discount if accepted into the IBT program?

Rates are discounted substantially lower to families in the IBT program. IBT cannot be used in combination with any other promotions or discounts.

7. Will enrollment in the IBT increase class sizes?

No. Classes sizes will continue to operate at low student-to-teacher ratios (1:10 students/per age group/in each class).

8. How can the school afford to offer this program and still maintain high-quality standards and offer exceptional salaries to their Faculty and Staff?

Offering IBT allows us to further our mission of offering high-quality education to every child. The founders of this institution use their private funds and receive donations from private investors to help offset any costs associated with the operation of this institution.

9. Will other families know that I am enrolled in the IBT program?

No. We will never disclose any family’s financial status or tuition rates to any other family. We do not share any private or personal information with any person, place or governing body unless required by law or at your request. Read our institutions terms here.

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