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We take great pride in our STEAM Summer Camp, so we know your children will love it!

Quantum Montessori is excited to offer our STEAM (that’s STEM + Art) Summer Camp program in Chicago! It isn’t too late to find a summer camp near you that offers an engaging and hands-on learning experience that your child will enjoy. We work hard to ensure our campers remain engaged all summer long!  Also, why not avoid learning loss this summer in the process.

About Your STEAM Camp Leader

Stem Summer Camp

Hi! I’m Ms. Ashleigh, and for as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to be a teacher or part of an amazing education system. I found my true calling as a mother and embraced my role by teaching my own children at home. I started a small Montessori school out of my home 3 years ago and have loved sharing what I’ve learned with families in my community!

This is my third year leading a summer pod, and I absolutely love everything about it! My favorite part is seeing my students’ eyes light up when they grasp a new concept. It’s so magical! I truly feel that I have found my passion in life, and I can’t wait to teach your child.  My team and I can’t wait to meet you!


Our summer camp keeps the fun going all year long! I give your children the ability to keep a schedule during the summer, avoid being bored, have something positive to look forward to, continue their learning, and have a blast with extra science experiments and water games! I can’t wait for your child to join my summer camp!

Choose a schedule that works best for you!

Tuesday & Thursdays
(2 Days/Week)

Tuesday & Thursdays (2 Days/Week)

Monday, Wednesday & Friday
(3 Days/Week)

Monday - Friday
(5 Days/Week)

Monday - Friday (5 Days/Week)


Kids STEM Summer Camp

Every day is an adventure! Our engaging and exciting hands-on activities are geared towards helping your child develop a love for life-long learning!

On days where we aren’t out visiting a museum or researching in nature, we will spend our time together learning about various STEAM subjects and diving deep into experiments that exercise what we have learned.  My students are engaged from the second they arrive to the second they leave with activities that YOU approve and THEY will enjoy.

We offer family events to give families the opportunity to get to know your child’s camp leader (that would be me!) and other campers! We’re looking forward to plan family BBQs, hikes, pizza parties and more! Join in on the fun!


8:50 a.m. (10 min.) Drop-offs/Welcome

9:00 a.m. (30 min.) Morning Collaboration

9:30 a.m. (30 min.) Learning Time

10:00 a.m. (60 min.) STEAM Project 1

11:00 a.m. (30 min.) Break/Snack Time

11:30 a.m. (30 min.) Yoga/Independent Time

12:30 p.m. (30 min.) Lunch

1:00 p.m. (30 min.) Learning Time

1:30 p.m. (60 min.) STEAM Project 2

2:30 p.m. (30 min.) Group Collaboration

3:00 p.m. (30 min.) Literacy Time

3:30 p.m. (15 min.) Break/Snack Time

3:45 p.m. (60 min.) Exploration

4:45 p.m. (15 min.) Learning Break

5:00 p.m. – Pick-up/See you tomorrow!

Summer Camp Near Me

Camp Focus

Camp Focus

Quality Hands-on Experiences

Our curriculum is designed to be developmentally appropriate and aligned to the standards outlined by Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). STEAM principles encourage exploration, experimentation, and creativity through hands-on learning.  Our aim is to assist your child down the road to self-discovery and fun and exploration!


We aim to help children become independent, self-confident, inquisitive and enthusiastic learners by actively exploring their environment.

In fact, one of the best ways we can guide is to ask THEM questions like “What are you creating?” “How does it work?” “Tell me about what you drew.” etc.


I will keep you in the loop on what we’re working on, and we also let you know exactly how your child is doing during our 30 minute end of the summer conference.

The Process

We love to get messy, and the best time for that is at art time! We focus on the process, not the end product, and use a wide variety of materials to ensure that each camper grasps each topic.  Campers learn SO MUCH MORE when they have the chance to research and explore subjects they find interesting.

Fun Themes & Projects!

Every few weeks, we dive deep into a new, exciting theme based on our upcoming day trips, the weather, holidays, or whatever the children are interested to learn more about. 

We change our projects and materials to reflect the new learning theme. We are always evolving, and you never know what exciting things we’ll add next week!

Chicago Summer Camp

Our End of Summer Day Trip!

Get excited because this summer our End of Summer Day Trip will be to Brookfield Zoo! Students will perform animal research in the weeks leading up to the trip to help assist them as they learn about the various animals that call Brookfield Zoo home.

Parents, grandparents and guardians are encouraged to join us in making this a fun experience for this entire camp family!

Brookfield Zoo

Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3!


When you’re at Overachievers, you’re family! We’re conveniently located in Illinois. You’ll love our summer camp, and your child will love our 1-on-1 attention with our small group sizes of just 10 students!


Choose from a full-day with lunch, AM half-day with or without lunch or PM without lunch.  Contact us for late and/or early drop off and pickup options.

2 Days/Week: $410/mo. (half-day) $685/mo. (full-day)

• T_TH 9:00-1:00 p.m. – AM Drop Off  – full

• T_TH 9:00-5:00 p.m. – PM Drop Off  – full

• T_TH 9:00-5:00 p.m. – Full Day w/lunch included  – full

3 Days/Week: $520/mo. (half-day) $792/mo. (full-day)
• M_W_F 9:00-1:00 p.m. – AM Drop Off  – full 

• M_W_F 1:00-5:00 p.m. – PM Drop Off  – full (waitlist available)

• M_W_F 9:00-5:00 p.m. – Full Day w/lunch included  – 2 spots available

5 Days/Week: $685/mo. (half-day) $840/mo. (full-day)
• M-F 9:00-1:00 p.m. – AM Drop Off  – full 

• M-F 1:00-5:00 p.m. – PM Drop Off  – full 

• M-F 9:00-5:00 p.m. Full Day w/lunch included  – 1 spot available


Text or Call: 312-668-0748

Due to high demand, classes are filling up ridiculously fast! Please call as soon as you even think about enrolling so we can see if we have a spot for you.

During the information session, we’ll tell you all about us. At the end, we’ll ask: “Would you like your child to attend our STEAM Summer Camp?” If so, that’s when we’ll have you fill out the registration form and we’ll collect the $125 registration fee.

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Chicago Summer Camp
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We have answers...

No, there are no extra or hidden fees.

Organic snack options are available for all campers.  Lite breakfast, full lunch and snacks are available to all full-day campers.  Families are also welcome to provide a packed lunch for their campers.  Just let us know your preference, we’re happy to help.

Our Summer Camp learning pods are able to meet at flexible locations.  We typically meet at the local forest preserve, park, museum or botanical garden.  We have had parents host the learning pod in their home/backyard. 

Fill out our registration form then email us at parents@institutionoflearning.com.  We will contact you by email and phone once a spot opens up.  If a spot does not open for your camper, we will refund your registration fee.

We alert parents of available spots as soon a they are available.  We also add more classes as needed to accommodate our families.  If for some reason we are not able to place your child in a spot, we will refund your registration fee and offer you priority placement next summer.

In order for us to offer a comprehensive high-quality program, we are unable to offer refunds of payments unless we are unable to place your child into a camp.  All payments are final.  Read our policies here.

Yes, we encourage campers to make up missed days.  Campers are offered 4 (four) missed days when enrolled in our 2-Day program, 8 (eight) missed days when enrolled in our four-day camp and 10 (ten) missed days when enrolled in our 5-Day camp.  Make-up days must be completed during the current summer program year. Families are responsible for scheduling make-up days.


To keep camp affordable, tuition will not be pro-rated for missed days. Missed days will not be refunded, can not be transferred and are not redeemable for cash or credit.

Yes, we offer discounts to assist our families.  Siblings, military and first responders receive $25 off the registration fee for each camper. Verification required.

Sure, we would love to work with you. Educators, nannies, businesses, friends, family and neighbors are encouraged to come together and form a pod. Your children will love the special attention and time they’re given. Let’s get started!

Yes, this camp is part of a larger school. You can learn more about our school programs by visiting our website.

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Monday – Friday 

9:00AM – 4:00PM

Email: info@quantummonti.com

Text/Call: 312-668-0748

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