Montessori Inspired Summer Fun and Learning

The weather is getting warm so that means it’s time for summer fun in the sun and delicious treats! We love to have fun while we learn, play and beat the heat! Right away we think about some of our favorite refreshing beverages.  What can be more refreshing than a tangy lemon – those deliciously refreshing summer fruits that also look fantastic.

Lemons themselves are perfect way to thematic exploration as well as sensory integration, making the following activities fun, tasty and educational!

Cut the lemons with a knife or stay busy by pouring, and creating homemade recipes for sensory exploration!


Spend an hour with your children preparing a yummy pitcher of lemonade following Montessori Method of learning. Kids can perform this summer fun activity the Montessori way further developing the following skills:

             – By cutting lemons children are able to develop Practical Life skills.

             – By learning the ingredients and method of preparing lemonade, children develop Language skills and also sharpen their stereognostic senses by exploring the lemon.

             – By counting and measuring the quantity of ingredients, children develop their Mathematical skills.

             – By holding, pouring and squeezing the lemon and other utensils, Motor skills are developed.

Make lemonade:

For sensory learning, make lemonade! Tasting the lemons as well as the sugary sweet lemonade is a must to do! Kids will enjoy squeezing their own lemons for this activity and that makes it even more meaningful. Squeezing the lemons also helps to build up their muscles for  better writing.

vector hand drawn illustration of lemonade recipe with list of ingredients.

Crafts Activity:

Lemons are a great summer activity and DIY craft theme – the iconic yellow and green…your DIY is practically done! I realized that we had quite a few Lemon themes DIY Craft Ideas on the site and thought it was about time to share them with you all in right place.


Let’s start this Lemon Craft round up with some super fun and easy Lemon Paper Craft. Paper is inexpensive with this free printable and real fun to make!!!

You only need to have:

  • yellow poster color
  • A few drops of lemon extract
  • Paintbrush
  • A4 paper with printed lemon
-Add few drops of lemon extract to yellow poster paint with a paintbrush.

-Paste lemon scented poster color onto the lemon for a yummy smelling art project. Have a wonderful experience!

Have a great summer! We hope to see you for Summer Camp!