How do I successfully homeschool my middle schooler?

Are you currently struggling with finding the best homeschooling programs and learning materials for your middle school-aged (6th-8th grade) students? The truth is homeschooling is easy once you decide on the curriculum, be consistent and committed to the process.

middle school homeschool assistance

The middle school group is a critical stage for your child. At this stage, people may say children need to be in the classrooms to socialize to learn effectively.

Trusting Montessori with the success of your Middle School student from home will be easy because of how engaged and occupied the programs are outlined; your child won’t miss out on the public classroom journey.

This blog post will take you on a journey to explore the day in the life of a Secondary Aged Montessori Student within the homeschooling setting.

middle school homeschool

The Aim of Montessori

Montessori understands that the secondary age is more of bridging the gap and creating the perfect balance between student-centered academic studies with work driven by purpose. The aim is to develop confident adolescents to become hard-working adults who make positive and purpose-filled contributions to society. 

Our homeschool assistance program was carefully designed to weave the mysteries and wonders intertwined in adolescence. Montessori adolescent students receive a good education and learn how to function in the real world as educational development is always coupled with the construction of a growing self daily. 

This concept makes Montessori learning perfect for homeschooling the secondary age – the practicality of education and growing – the two are an inseparable pair.

A Day in the life of a Montessori Secondary Age Student

The structure is the order of the day for a Montessori student. The day begins with a meeting led by the student to model responsibility and leadership.

Modern Montessori at the Secondary Age understands that it is pertinent that different educational needs are met to achieve full lifestyles as an individual. In the homeschooling setting, Montessori implores parents to lead an environment that seeks to garner the needs of the adolescent physically, emotionally, socially, and cognitively. 

This is the aim of Montessori homeschooling.  Homeschool families may opt to join a part-time learning pod or meet-up with other homeschool families to further enhance the learning experience for their 6th-8th graders.

7th grade learning pod

It’s more than mastering academics, but its understanding at this the most crucial stage of development that learning and personal development must co-exist to model the example for what being an adult in the real world will entail. The development of independence in self-management is the key to unlocking success in education and adulthood.

The middle school Montessori student in the homeschool setting learns the beauty of choice, organization, and self-regulation in the presence of their parents through distant learning.  A day in the life of a Montessori student is colored with problem-solving, the application of a scientific method, activities that encourage diversity in thought, learning style, and perspective.

kids scientific method

In Montessori Math, every step is practical, and students learn through a somewhat tangible and practical approach. This ensures that learning never feels forced or strained with only getting it right but rather in truly understanding and grasping the concepts and how these math problems can be solved quite similar to situations in everyday life.

What makes Montessori a successful homeschooling approach for the Secondary Age?

Success lies in the ability to structure and plan activities based on your child’s learning style. Parents quickly begin to love our Montessori method because it never separates learning from living. This is the true sweet spot of raising a whole child. Montessori being implemented in the home factors in the importance and joy of learning in all aspects and realizing that all the elements of life are interconnected and display a big school. Life is the school. Montessori always believes in the child and understands that learning only happens through a hands-on and experiential approach. 

7th grade

Secondary age students are taught the importance of schedule and uninterrupted work, which is practiced in structured work periods of two hours. Students also benefit from a spiral curriculum that exposes them to a myriad of interrelated topics, which pushes them to master skills, meet deadlines, and advance in time management. 

In the secondary age group, subjects such as mathematics, language arts, sciences, and social studies are readily exposed.  Students learn to appreciate hard work, cultures and develop empathy which are all critical aspects of being a caring citizen in the world

8th graders

Montessori does not believe in waiting till the child is older to expose them to explore how a business works. At this age, they become exposed to starting a business, developing a business plan, and locate funding. 

Is there a subject your child loves? Your child will get the opportunity to become exposed to work with other experts. Students are also taught the importance of completing major projects. This teaches them the need for extensive research, planning, studying, and decision-making.

Does Montessori focus too much on developing the adolescent? YES! But it never loses the balance of play and experiences in nature, creating respect and love for the environment. 

Just Start!

Montessori Middle School

A lot of information to digest? Don’t be discouraged; instead, become excited and convinced to get on board with Montessori for your secondary-aged child. Focus on the following:

  • The main concept Montessori and other notable, guided learning programs like ours here at Quantum Montessori School want you to grasp while homeschooling your child are that learning and life should always coincide. This makes growing practical and the transition into adulthood less taxing and overwhelming.
  • Listen to the needs of your child and carefully watch their learning patterns. 
  • As you watch the preferred learning patterns of your child, match it with our Quantum Montessori approach to structure and guide the learning experience.
  • What if I miss a day? You may fear the ability to stay consistent, but this shouldn’t stop you from moving forward with giving your child the blessing of a guided distance learning. Treat it as everyday life; if you miss a day, you pick up where you left off and keep going!
6th grade montessori

Montessori is a concept more than it is a specific plan. This means that as the parent, once you master the essence of Montessori (cultivating curiosity and harboring growth through academics and everyday life skills to grow a whole adult – you are on your way to creating your own Montessori homeschool curriculum. Feeling inspired, aren’t you? You can do it, and if you need guidance, Quantum Montessori School is happy to help. 

What we offer homeschooling families

  • We have planned and titled lessons, which stipulate the task at hand.
  • We have outlined the requirements. This aspect highlights your child’s readiness for receiving new information. This section should pose the prerequisite skills that should be attained at this level. It should pose questions that they will ask themselves as they go through the learning period. These questions will expose where there are and where they need to be.
  • We will provide customized Montessori lesson plans to ensure that students meet specific requirements before the lessons are considered “mastered”. 
  • Quantum Montessori School believes in the bonus objective of every lesson and make learning multi-dimensional.
  • Quantum has organized and listed materials so that everything is ready to use so that your days are structured and more manageable. 
montessori lesson plans

Final thoughts

Are you concerned about how the Modern Montessori will fit into the life of your secondary-aged child and your family? Don’t worry; Montessori in the form of distance learning with the help of the our team here at Quantum is beyond doable.

Your child’s pace guides the nature of Montessori, and similarly, the same goes for online learning. This means that there will be the ability to steer and advance through the lessons independently and pick up the needed skills along the way.

middle school distance learning

Seeing that Montessori believes that students perform best when given the freedom to learn concepts in a less restrictive environment, you can rest assured your child will excel and feel a sense of ease as they learn.

Quantum’s modern Montessori approach gives the child the responsibility to take their learning seriously, thus creating responsible adults for the future.

Thanks for reading!

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