Elementary 1 and 2

Quantum Researchers

Using the American Montessori Society’s standards for curriculum and schedule, this program meets students’ educational, social, emotional, and personal development requirements. Our Elementary Program for children aged between 6-12, we provide a range of developmentally appropriate activities and learning materials that foster a positive self image and independent growth in a comfortable atmosphere. Montessori Middle School distinguishes itself by having the following characteristics:

Basic academic subject areas:


Pre-algebra and geometry

Language Arts

Research and independent writing skills include daily oral language, vocabulary, and word origins. The arts of journalism, poetry, short stories, and novels. Public speaking, group & individual oral presentations, discussion and articulation of ideas. Novels of choice, anthologies, and theme novels


Botany and Zoology; Environmental impact; Motion, forces and energy; Electricity and magnetism; Sound and light.

Social Studies

Empowered History, Geography, Political Science, Economics

Physical Education

Fitness, sportsmanship, and inclusion, as well as body wellness and image.

Students are nurtured into well-rounded global citizens through multicultural studies, foreign languages, literacy, day trips, and field trips.