STEAM in Early Childhood Education

We are excited to talk about STEAM (STEM+Art) in Early Education!  STEAM subjects include science, art, technology, mathematics, and engineering. These fields allow for the amazing discovery, development and growth of our society. The engineers of the future are in their early years now. The facts are that the scientists of tomorrow are today’s kids. The question is, are they your kids? Yes They Are!

Our job as parents is to offer our kids the best opportunities and the best care. Part of this caregiving includes education. Getting an early start in STEAM will offer your kids an advantage in the future.

Kids have a curious and creative nature. STEAM subjects are all about creativity and curiosity to do new things. We can see that the kids own psychology welcomes the main concepts of STEAM subjects. Getting an early education in STEAM will allow these kids to develop their curious nature.

Your kids will learn to solve problems, they will get acquainted with technology and they will learn the concepts of mathematics and science. 

By starting with an early education, your kids will develop the scientist mentality from an early age, and they will have an easier time to keep up with technology changes. They will get a head start with their education. Your kids will develop problem solving skills and will learn to not give up. Early bird gets the worm, right?

An effective way to start STEAM in early education involves the Montessori Method of Learning. The Montessori method has been tested by time. It involves tapping into the kid’s natural talents and his/her own nature to get them to explore and to be engaged with the lessons. 

They are given problems that involve intuitive thinking and creativity. The kids are always engaged; thus, they can retain the information better. Even in real life, kids learn their way in life through games. Play time has a bigger purpose than just entertainment. 

These principles create a perfect space where talent, creativity and intellect can be fostered and developed. Thus, the Montessori Method of Learning, STEAM and kids own nature all go hand to hand and sustain each other.

Every child is special and every child deserves to feel special, so here at Quantum Montessori, all students are provided a program that empowers their skills while also challenging them to think critically and problem solve.  These are skills that will assist your child for the duration of their lives thus why STEAM is so important for children in Early Childhood education.

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