Why should I enroll my three or four-year old in an Early Childhood or Preschool program?

As a parent, you should be mindful about the education of your child from the day he/she is born. Once your child reaches the age of three, it is the time for you to send them to a preschool or early learning program. It can create a major positive impact on your child! Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits that you can experience by sending your 3 year old child to a preschool or an early learning program.

Preschool connections and friends

Preschool allows you to bond with your three-year-old even if you are not with him or her all day. Your youngster will quickly find that preschool is enjoyable, despite their initial apprehension. Consequently, our children start bringing their good times home with them! They help you interact with your kid in new and fascinating ways via the tales they tell, the crafts they produce, and the information they give.

You can find some time to get back to work or doing things you like

Spending time at preschool is beneficial to more than just your child. You undoubtedly find yourself thinking about life before children and wondering when you’ll have another moment to pursue your job or any passion that you have. Enrolling your kid in a preschool program frees up time for you to pursue other interests. Imagine going back to work without having to worry about your child’s safety. Write the novel you’ve always wanted to write, earn that degree, or just relax with pals over a cup of coffee.

Safe and a structured learning environments for your child

Enrolling your 3 year old child in preschool or an early learning program such as ours here at Quantum Montessori School provides him or her with a secure and safe setting in which to study and develop. Preschools, for example, often teach the fundamentals of personal security, such as what to do in the event of a fire or while approaching a stranger. Furthermore, most preschool/early learning programs encourage healthy practices like cleaning one’s teeth and washing one’s hands after playing outdoors. Kindergarten instructors benefit from organized activities in early childhood education more than most parents realize.

Quantum's Early Childhood program assists with healthy brain development and evolution

Your child’s need for knowledge is satiated around the age of three, when his or her brain is just like a sponge, eager to absorb every ounce of information. You want to give your kids space to explore their surroundings as they start to question everything around them at this age. For example, why is the sky blue and why do birds migrate south for the winter? They want to know why the sun rises in the morning and where it disappears at the conclusion of the day. Starting kindergarten preparedness at the age of 3 benefits your child’s capacity to absorb knowledge as well as his or her emotional development.

Enrolling in an Early Learning/Preschool program assists your child in developing social skills

It is generally known that 3 year old children require assistance in establishing social skills. Preschool/early learning programs such as ours are generally a child’s first encounter with other youngsters outside of their immediate family. Why not expose the world to them in a friendly and accepting environment? Preschool improves a child’s emotional intelligence, allowing them to deal better with stressful events and handle negative reactions. More than simply the ABCs and 123s are taught to your little one; they develop friends and learn essential social signs like privacy and sharing as well.

Preschool prepares your child for better academic achievements

As a parent, you would like to equip your child for the academic achievement that you know they are capable of. Many teachers and parents feel that starting preschool as a child at three years old helps them to do better in elementary school. By enrolling your kid in preschool, you’re giving them a solid foundation for future learning that they’ll keep with them during their academic careers.

Preschool/early learning prepares your child for kindergarten

One of the most essential advantages is that your three-year-old will be ready for school when they turn four. Preschool provides an early start for young children by teaching them letters and numbers, which will aid them in their later communication skills. Many studies have shown that children who attend preschool do better in primary school because they get early childhood special instruction with a lifetime learning emphasis.

A preschool system that offers correct health and nutrition offerings is also beneficial to a child’s development, in addition to academic advantages. One of the health benefits is that it lowers the expense of child health care. 

Early learning intervention can help with language development

Language development is an important part of every child’s preschool education. Preschool/early learning introduces new words to young children daily, which helps them expand their vocabulary. Preschoolers’ vocabularies will expand as they learn to create sentences. There is also a link between preschoolers who perform well in elementary school and those who attended preschool/early learning programs.

Early learning contributes to your child's fine motor skill development

Enrolling your child in a program such as ours at the age of three aids in the development of fine motor skills including such writing words and numbers. These abilities encourage children with their future studies by enrolling in kindergarten at the age of five.

Final words

As you can see, you can allow your three year old child to experience multiple benefits by enrolling in a preschool/early learning program. Find the best preschool out there and help your child to experience all these benefits.


Thank you for reading!  Check out the programs that we here at Quantum offer for little ones.  We are here for your whether you’re seeking homeschool assistance, online preschool, private or shared nanny educators or learning video subscriptions with guidance. Choose Quantum Montessori School!

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